Product Descriptions and Reviews

Product Descriptions and Reviews

If you are an eCommerce website, your product descriptions and product reviews will be instrumental in selling your merchandise.  Think about it, there's no salesperson available to describe the product and sell it.  You will need to rely on the descriptions and reviews to sell the customer on the product.    

The product descriptions will be the information that will expose the customer to the product, and this will determine whether or not they purchase the item.  Often times the customer wants to make the purchase at that moment, so if the description is not thorough, they may go to another website to buy the merchandise.  We will take the time to learn the product, then create a short, informative product description so the customer can make an informed buying decision.


Product reviews are also important to the sales process, as you get a more in-depth description of the product.  It will list all of the features, and explain why you would benefit from purchasing that particular item.  The review is usually written in a blog post style, and it can be created as a standalone piece, or as a comparison versus a similar product.  This is where you can really explain the product in more detail.  One advantage of this method is that different websites may review your product, so it might rank for several different keywords.  This will give your site or product more exposure.

We can provide thorough explanations for both the review and the product descriptions.  We have provided some samples below so you can get a feel of the writing style.


Take a look at some samples. Click to enlarge.

We also create doodle videos, a unique approach to your marketing efforts.  

We have a large base of images, so we can describe or review any type of product.

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