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Blog Posts

Your website is your brand, and you will need post fresh content on a regular basis to stay relevant.  The search engines love it when well researched content is published.  This will also engage visitors, and keep them coming back.  We provide customized, blog posts for your website.

Product Reviews & Descriptions

Do you need product descriptions that will jump off of the screen?  Do you want product reviews that best explain all of the features of the product?  We provide professionally written in-depth product reviews and descriptions that will encourage a call-to-action.

SEO Social Media Backlinks & Shares

SEO today is about social signals.  When you have social media accounts that point to your site, they will pass that authority over to supercharge your website.  This in turn will result in better Google rankings for your site.  We can send social links from many different types of social media accounts.  Check out the different packages that we offer.

What else do we offer?

Keyword Research

Often overlooked, keyword research may be the most important component for ranking well in the search engines.  Many online businesses just choose keywords, without knowing how competitive they are, or even knowing the search volume of the keywords.  We will find and analyze the best keyword options for your business.

Website Hosting

Are you looking for a change to your website host?  We offer competitive rates for hosting services.

Website Design

Are you a new online business or an established site looking for a fresh, new look?  We will create a website that is pleasing to the eyes, that is easy to navigate.  We specialize in affiliate sites, so feel free to contact us for a quote.

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Product Reviews
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About Us

At KRR Online, we specialize in content creation for your website. Whether you need blog posts, product reviews, or product descriptions, you can be sure that all of the content that we create will be thoroughly researched and written in a conversational tone in an easy to read style. Because the goal of any site is to rank as highly as possible, all content is written with SEO in mind. Keyword research, keyword placement, optimized images and outbound links are also available. Contact us today to find out how we can partner with you to create customized content for your business.